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Mulle Musau is a leadership consultant with special interest in Elections and Ethics in governance. He has been involved in election observation at both the domestic and international level since 2006 working with such organizations as the Carter Centre and National Democratic Institute as a trainer/observer. He currently trains for the International Peace and Support Centre (IPSTC) and has consulted on elections for various organizations in Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia and the Gambia. In 2016 he was elected and the annual chair of the Global Network for Domestic Election Monitors (GNDEM) transparency committee.  He is currently the National Coordinator for the Elections Observation Group (ELOG) located in Kenya, where he heads the Secretariat and coordinates various projects geared towards enhancing electoral governance. He is also the Regional Coordinator for the East and Horn of Africa (E-HORN) Election Observation Network.

He has made limitless contributions in the governance sector and written various articles and papers as well as commentaries. His thematic areas of expertise are:

  1. Civil Society leadership and Elections
  2. Ethical leadership
  3. Elections and Technology
  4. Open electoral data processes
  5. Electoral Management
  6. Deployment and management of election observation teams
  7. The participation of Special Interest Groups consisting of women, persons with disabilities, youth, and minorities in electoral processes
  8. Campaign finance and management


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