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Mesud Gebeyehu serves as the Executive Director of the Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO), the idea for the Consortium was started in 2015 with the vision of creating a platform for strong and vibrant human rights CSOs for the realization of human rights and democratic values in Ethiopia and registered on the 16th of March 2018 (re-registered as per 1113/2019 with registration number 3932).

In addition, he serves as vice chairperson of the Ethiopian Civil Societies Forum (ECSF) Executive Board (a national forum/network that comprises of CSOs working on diverse areas in Ethiopia with the mandate of creating an enabling environment for local CSOs). Mesud also serves as the vice-chairperson for the Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) Steering Committee under the CIVICUS and as a Lecturer of Law at Sam University (Oct 2012- now). He is a practicing human rights lawyer, researcher and Human Rights Defender and is actively engaged in the advocacy of human rights in Ethiopia since 2015 Mesud is also the chairperson and co-founder of the Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders Center (EHRDC).


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